Tilt Shift Photography

Just saw this really great tutorial on tilt shift photography , no need to buy a lensbaby, yet. Played with some of my photos. The idea is to take really wide photos with an angled top view to get the best results.

I really like the “miniature” look.

This one is from Honolulu.


Here is one from Yellowstone

From Tilt Shift

This one is from Prague

Prague - Karlov Most (Charles Bridge)

Prague - Karlov Most (Charles Bridge)


Apple iPhone

Steve Jobs just announced the 3G iPhone, so naturally I wanted to go get me some new iPhone candy, since my contract with AT&T is up, I should be able to upgrade my phone.

The Apple iPhone website already has updated information about the new 3G phone but their partner AT&T is still undergoing maintenance when you try and locate a store that might have new iPhone in stock. Tsk tsk.

AT&T store locator down.